The online marketplace can be a jungle!

What is the WebTrader Success Programme?

Three things in one:

1A powerful ecommerce website for selling online, and encouraging repeat business

2A weekly training course covering proven strategies, to ensure that you sell online effectively from the start

3A monthly one-to-one coaching and support session, to help you as you trade online

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How does it work?

The Web Trader Success Programme consists of three things:

  1. Website - We build you a fantastic, full-featured website - a WTSP WebShop
  2. Training - Over 26 weeks, we train you via email in best ecommerce practice, AND the advanced features of your WebShop
  3. Support - Every month, we call you up to make sure that your are following the training, and answer any questions

Selling effectively online requires a different set of skills from selling in the physical world. These skills take time to acquire, and some online traders never fully develop them, throwing in the towel before they achieve success. Our mission is to impart to you the skills and knowledge to achieve success in as short a time as possible.

We start with a one-to-one briefing at our offices in Milton Keynes, where we give you a broad overview of the concepts and strategies that lead to online sales success. We also train you on our exceptionally easy-to-use WebShop software, which comes included in your subscription. Finally, we explain the training programme, delivered by email - this takes the concepts we introduce at the briefing and expands your knowledge of them to much greater depth.

It can be a lot to take in, so we schedule a monthly catch-up to make sure that you are on track and answer any questions that you may have.

Take a look at the topics covered by the programme, or contact us today to take your first step on the road to online sales success.